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About us

The Brazos Bluffs Story

A tale of nature and beyond

It all started when Lem Brown at the age of 16, and his brother, Joel Brown, wanted to invite people to experience the beauty to be found on their family’s property. They bought a few trail horses to combine with their personal horses for the budding business. Lem constructed a barn near the river, and on March 2nd, 2011, they welcomed their first guests. Since then, thousands of guests have enjoyed the ranch and it is now operated by Lem and his wife, Hannah.

Meet the Staff

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Ricky Bates

A native of Corsicana, TX, Ricky has been riding horses for as long as he can remember. In high school he rode bulls, bareback broncs and saddle broncs. Ricky served for fourteen years in the United States Marine Corps, then spent twenty-eight years with the Waco Police Department. He is a passionate, talented rider and loves a good conversation more than almost anything! Between his gift for horsemanship, his sense of humor, and his extensive knowledge of our property and ranch history, Ricky is a delightful trail guide for beginners and experienced riders alike. 

Amber Stephens

Lessons Instructor and Trail Guide

A native Wacoan, outdoor enthusiast and skilled equestrian, Amber loves sharing her horsemanship skill with others. Amber holds an instructor certification granted by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International. 

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