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"The Lone Star" Horseback at Sunset 

If Western movies have taught us anything, it’s that nothing says romance like riding off into the sunset– so join us for an unforgettable horseback ride experience with a distinctive Texas twist! If you have very little or no horse riding experience, our guides will be sure to provide instructions so you can enjoy a relaxing ride. In the cool months, we provide s'more kits and hot drinks. 

"The Rancher" 90 Minute Horseback Journey

Come enjoy a memorable wrangling adventure on a Texas ranch with authentic cowboys. Perfect for couples, families or other groups eager to ditch their smartphones, swing into the saddle and ride under the Texas sky!

It doesn’t matter if you have never been on a horse before or if you have not ridden in years, our guides will start you off with an easy to understand lesson, ensuring that you will be comfortable and safe. No matter your experience level, you will enjoy the scenic views, fresh air and learning from our guides as they share their unique experiences as horsemen. 


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